Significance of Traditional Indian Toys in Child Development

Significance of Traditional Indian Toys in Child Development

Today, I want to pen down my thoughts about a topic that is close to my heart: that is traditional Indian handcrafted toys in child development.

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in people in understanding and celebrating Indian culture and heritage. One way to do that is through toys, specifically Indic Toys.

Let's understand the term “Indic toys” - refer to traditional toys and playthings that are indigenous to the Indian subcontinent and reflect the region’s cultural and historical heritage. All these days, these toys are handcrafted using natural materials, traditional techniques making each toy unique and special. These toys are known to impart moral, social, life skills. They have immense potential to provide an entertaining and educational experience to children, while also helping them connect with their culture and appreciate its history.
India is a land of diverse cultures and traditions, and this is reflected in the wide variety of toys and arts that are produced across the country. Some of the regions in India that are known for their toy and art manufacturing are as follows:

Channapattana, Karnataka - World famously known for it’s lacquerware toys as channapattana toys
Kondapalli, Andhrapradesh - famous for kondapalli bommalu, hand crafted wooden toys
Warli, Maharashtra - a tribal village famous for its warli art paintings and life in simple illustrations
Madhubani, Bihar - famous for madhubani style folk painting with attractive and vibrant natural dye colors
Pattachitra, Orissa - famous for traditional cloth paintings using natural dyes and pigments. Famously known as patachitra paintings.
Rajasthan - known for it’s wooden toys, miniature paintings and block printing textiles and hand crafted home decors
Gujarat - known for it’s traditional kutch and hand embroidery, bandhani style along with kite makings
Varanasi, Uttarapradesh - known for banaras silk, brass ware and silver ware collections, wooden crafts, variety of beads, rudhraksha and more!
Himachal Pradesh - Himacha’s variety ofl topi/hats, Kullu shawls, chamba rumal, pahadi miniature paintings, himachal jewelry and many more

In addition to promoting Indian culture and heritage, these toys are eco-friendly and sustainable. They are made using natural materials and often handcrafted, making each toy unique and special.

So, Let’s do our part in supporting the Indian handcrafted toy industry and give children a chance to connect with their roots and culture. You can find these toys at local markets or online, and by buying them, you’re supporting local artisans and helping to preserve our cultural heritage.

What do you think about these old, traditional legacy of toys making? Share your favorites. Let’s start a conversation in the comments section below!

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