In addition to our products, we also offer regular workshops to teach people how to play these games. Our workshops are open to a variety of audiences, including children, corporate staff, and even elder citizens. Our experienced instructors will teach you the rules of the game and provide tips on how to play.

Tanushri Roll the Dice doing a games workshop for kids

Discover the Richness of Indian Culture with Roll the Dice

Traditional Board Games Workshop

Workshop at RIMSE Mysore

At Roll the Dice, we offer regular workshops designed to teach people how to play traditional Indian board games. Our workshops cater to a wide range of audiences, including children, corporate staff, and elder citizens. Led by experienced instructors, participants will learn the rules and gain valuable tips to enhance their gameplay.

We also provide bespoke seminars and webinars for organizations seeking unique and engaging team-building activities. These sessions can be customized to meet your specific needs and conducted either at your office or virtually. Our workshops are not only fun and interactive but also serve as an excellent opportunity to explore Indian culture and traditions.

Shaping Young Minds through Mythology and Values

Our cultural heritage programs, such as Katha Prapancha, are designed for primary schools to help students discover the richness of Indian culture through stories and games. These programs include storytelling, creative activities, and engaging group discussions, offering an enriching experience that goes beyond textbooks.

We invite schools to partner with us to integrate these programs into their curriculum, providing students with valuable character-building education. 

Katha Prapancha: Cultural Heritage Workshops

Katha Prapancha workshops are tailored for primary schools to introduce students to the richness of Indian culture through interactive sessions. Our programs, including Katha Pradarshini, Srujana (Creativity), and Anubhava (Experience), encompass storytelling, creative writing, art and craft, quizzes, board games, and group discussions.

By partnering with us, schools can offer their students a unique learning experience that combines fun with educational value. 

Workshops for Every Occasion

Roll the Dice workshops are ideal for various events such as party events, academic seminars, conferences, corporate get-togethers, and offsites. We can customize our demonstrations and teachings to fit the theme of your event, ensuring a unique and memorable experience for your guests.

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Roll the Dice offers a wide variety of traditional Indian games, workshops, and bespoke seminars. Whether you're looking for a fun family activity, a team-building activity for your organization, or entertainment for your next event, we have something to offer.

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