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Roll the Dice

Chausar Mat

Chausar Mat

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Introducing the Roll the Dice Chausar Mat - the perfect addition to your traditional Indian gaming collection! Our mat is made of high-quality, durable material and features a vibrant, colourful design that will enhance your Chausar playing experience.

Our mat made from silk cloth is designed to make the setup and gameplay of Chausar easy and convenient. The mat is lightweight and portable, making it easy to take with you on the go for gaming with friends and family.

Not only is our mat functional, it also adds a touch of elegance to your game room. The mat is a perfect conversation starter and a great way to introduce the game to new players. It is also a perfect gift for Chausar enthusiasts and a great way to add to your own collection.

About Chausar

Chausar, also known as Pachisi or Indian Ludo, is a centuries-old board game in India. It is a combination of luck and strategy, requiring players to think ahead and use cunning tactics to outplay their opponents. Chausar can be played by individuals or teams of two and is suitable for four players. The goal of the game is for each player to move their pieces around a nearly complete loop on the board in a counter-clockwise direction and then up the main row to the home square in the center. If you enjoy games that test your luck and strategic thinking skills, Chausar is a great choice.

Also called Indian Cross and Circle Board Game, Pachisi, Pagade, Thayam, Ludo, Chaupar, Aksha Kreeda, Dayakattam, Chokkattan, Parchís, Chaupar, Mahabharatha , Ancient Indian Board Game

Inside the box

Red and Green Silk mat with outer dimensions 34”x34”. Game blocks are embroidered with silk thread

How to play


Playing Chausar can offer a rich set of skills and capabilities for kids, much like other traditional Indian board games. Here are some of the key skills that can be developed:

Strategic Thinking

The game requires players to think multiple steps ahead, especially when forming "juda" pairs and taking out opponent's pawns. This helps in enhancing strategic thinking and planning skills.


In team play, kids learn the importance of collaboration and how individual actions can impact the team's overall performance. This instills a sense of responsibility and teamwork.

Decision Making

With each roll of the cowrie shells, players have to make decisions on which pawn to move and whether to form or break a "juda" pair. This helps in improving decision-making skills.

Risk Assessment

Choosing to take out an opponent's pawn or focusing on reaching the home square involves assessing risks and rewards, a skill that is valuable in real-life scenarios.

Counting and Basic Math

The game involves counting spaces and adding up the numbers rolled on the cowrie shells, which can help younger kids with basic math skills.

Emotional Resilience

The game has its ups and downs, with pawns being sent back to the start or losing a "juda" pair. Learning to cope with these setbacks can help build emotional resilience.

Focus and Attention

Keeping track of multiple pawns, possible "juda" formations, and opponent moves require a good deal of focus and attention to detail.

Social Skills

Playing in a social setting helps kids learn important life skills like taking turns, being gracious in both victory and defeat, and respecting rules.

Incorporating Chausar into a child's playtime can thus offer a holistic development experience, blending fun with valuable life skills.

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