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Chausar - Traditional Board Game

Chausar - Traditional Board Game

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Chausar, also known as Pachisi or Indian Ludo, is a centuries-old board game in India. It is a combination of luck and strategy, requiring players to think ahead and use cunning tactics to outplay their opponents. Chausar can be played by individuals or teams of two and is suitable for four players. The goal of the game is for each player to move their pieces around a nearly complete loop on the board in a counter-clockwise direction and then up the main row to the home square in the center. If you enjoy games that test your luck and strategic thinking skills, Chausar is a great choice.

    Also called Indian Cross and Circle Board Game, Pachisi, Pagade, Thayam, Ludo, Chaupar, Aksha Kreeda, Dayakattam, Chokkattan, Parchís, Chaupar, Mahabharatha , Ancient Indian Board Game

    Ages: 4yrs + 

    Inside the box

    Red and Green Silk mat with outer dimensions 34”x34”.
    Game blocks are embroidered with silk thread
    Handcrafted pawns coated in lacquer made by traditional artisans at Channapatna.
    4 x 4 color pawns -1” height, 0.75” dia. (Colors: Jet Black, Bright Red, Pineapple Yellow, Basil Green)
    Set of six cowrie shells
    Bright Red colored Tin Box (6”x8”x2”) to help store the set.

    How to play

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