Ramayana for kids - Beginning steps to Indian mythology

The story behind our most loved BharatiyaParampara product : Eka Shloki Ramayana

#EkaShlokiRamayana: The story behind our beloved #BharatiyaParampara  product :

People often ask me how I came up with the idea for the "eka shloki ramayana"  #EkaShlokRamayana and what motivated me to create it. Well, it was my daughter who inspired me. When she was younger, I used to tell her bits and pieces of the Ramayana as bedtime stories. One day, she became confused about the sequence of events and asked me which story came after what. It made me realize that the stories weren't in order, and this was causing confusion for kids.

After doing some research, I found the "#EkaShlokaRamayana," which is a simple verse that captures the essence of the entire Ramayana in just four lines. I taught my daughter this verse, and then showed her the flow of the Ramayana from the birth of Rama to his exile and his eventual return to his kingdom. I drew a few characters for her, and she was able to connect the stories together and understand the Ramayana better.

This happened in 2017 when my daughter was 5 years old, and it proved to be very useful when I started shortlisting themes and products for Bharatiya parampara. Today, the #EkaShlokiRamayana is one of our most popular #BharatiyaParampara products, loved by customers everywhere.


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