How to play Sholo Gutti (Bead 16)

(Tutorial is in Kannada with English subtitles)

Playing the Game:

  1. On your turn, you must move one of your beads to an adjacent hole.
  2. You can capture an opponent's bead by jumping over it with one of your own beads.
  3. If you capture an opponent's bead, you must remove it from the board.
  4. The game ends when one player has captured all of the opponent's beads.


  • Try to block your opponent's moves by placing your beads in strategic locations.
  • Look for opportunities to capture your opponent's beads.
  • Be patient and don't give up, even if you are behind.


  • There are many variations of Sholo Gutti that can be played. Some of these variations include:
    • Two-player mode: This is the classic mode of Sholo Gutti.
    • Three-player mode: In this mode, three players compete against each other.
    • Four-player mode: In this mode, four players compete against each other.
    • Timed mode: In this mode, players compete against the clock to see who can capture the most beads in a certain amount of time.