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A Real Story of Traditional Indian Games and Friendship

Three years ago, there were some kids who lived in a busy neighborhood called Jayanagar in Bangalore. They were friends, but they spent most of their time watching digital gadgets and playing video games. They didn't know about the fun of playing outside or joy of talking to people.

Then, a new family moved into the neighborhood. They had a grandfather named Raghav, who was lively and cheerful. He noticed that the kids were always focused on their gadgets, and he missed the times when children used to play traditional games, laugh, and bond together.

Raghav had an idea. He invited the kids to his house one evening and showed them our website This website had many colorful traditional Indian games and puzzles. The kids found the game boards and unique pieces of games like Chowka Bara, Pagade, Alaguli Mane, Taabla, and aadupuliatam very interesting.

The next day, Raghav uncle gathered the kids in his big backyard. He had ordered a few games from Roll the Dice. The kids were excited to see the beautifully made game boards. Raghav uncle taught them how to play each game, explaining the rules and strategies. The kids became so engrossed in the games that their laughter and cheers could be heard throughout the neighborhood.

As time went on, the kids eagerly looked forward to their evening games. They learned how to plan their moves in Pagade, anticipate actions in Chowka Bara, and appreciate the simplicity of Alaguli Mane. The games were not only fun but also challenging.

The kids started inviting their parents and grandparents to join them in playing these games. The elders, who had played these games when they were young, were happy to see the younger generation embracing their cultural heritage. The games became a way for different generations to connect and share their experiences.

The kids found a new kind of happiness in these traditional games. They enjoyed the excitement of competition, the joy of winning, and even the lessons learned from losing. They learned to appreciate each other's abilities, work as a team, and respect their elders. The games brought them closer and made their friendship stronger.

More kids from Jayanagar started joining them, and word spread about the traditional games. The suburb became alive with the sounds of rolling dice, moving tokens, and children laughing. The digital screens were forgotten as the vibrant game boards took their place.

Raghav uncle watched this transformation with satisfaction. He had not only introduced the kids to the joy of traditional games but also helped them connect with their cultural roots and their community. The kids played, laughed, and grew up with the guidance of their elders. All of this was made possible by Raghav uncle and the magic of rolling the dice.

These kids and the parents are forever thankful to Raghav for his contribution. We RolltheDice team are forever thankful to the Raghav Sir.

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