Celebrating Culture & Community: An Indian culture inspired Birthday bash with Board Games galore

Celebrating Culture & Community: An Indian culture inspired Birthday bash with Board Games galore

Late post! But worth sharing :-)

We rolled out the year 2022 with a fantastic event. Find out more about the event in our story :-)

Our dear customer Lakshmi, a proud parent, had invited us to be a part of their child's birthday. We were thrilled to be part of the festivities by providing entertainment and engagement through our board games, puzzles and other activities. The crowd at event was a mix of people from all generations, from grandparents to grandchildren and the fun began with traditional Indian board games.

Laughter and cheers filled the air as competition heated up. Everyone even the small kids to grandparents showed their competitive spirit. It was a beautiful sight and bonding experience for all. Some discovered the hidden potentials of their lovely kids, better halfs 😊

The theme selected for birthday was “Dashavataras of Lord Vishnu”. The parents began a new tradition by cutting haalubai (a Karnataka delicacy – a sweet made from pulses milk) and feeding it to the birthday boy, Lord Vishnu. People wished the birthday kid with Sanskrit shlokas.

Another specialty was every kid was wearing Shri Rama or Seeta mukutas. The joy of seeing so many Shrirama and Seetadevi with crown on the stage was so delightful and feast for the eyes, which is used to see tiaras and the clown caps. Few kids refused to take it away even after the completion of the function. Next, a delicious banana leaf feast featuring mouth-watering south Indian dishes were served. Everyone’s taste buds got activated.

 The birthday celebration was flawlessly planned with the theme of Lord Vishnu's Dashavatara and classic games in mind, complete with beautiful decorations, invitation cards, guest engagement, traditional food, party favors, contests, and awards. Everyone had an amazing time and felt the time was utilized well. Truly, it was a celebration to remember forever. 

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