Entrepren-her-ship : Woman Entrepreneur making Indian Board Games

This was originally posted on LinkedIn on October 12th 2021.

I have a Masters in Software Engineering, that I did while pursuing a career at a reputed MNC. I was part of a development team of a product which had a very significant world wide marketshare in its category.

I quit my job soon after during the final trimester of my pregnancy. I was very fond of my job and it was with a heavy heart that I decided to quit. Though I very badly wanted to get back to my software development career, circumstances and family compulsions did not allow me to do that.

While my daughter kept me very busy, I really wanted to get back to some kind of a career which satisfies the hunger to learn n grow. While the software industry was my first choice, I started thinking about alternatives so that I could accommodate my family as well as pursue a passion. I have dabbled with different art forms right from my childhood. A new art form I loved so much was quilling and making art jewellery.

My friends liked my work so much that they set me up to evolve this as a business. So, my first business – Bhavyam Creations – was born. I actively pursued this as a passion and a business. I paused around the time when my son was born. I learnt quite a lot from this venture, but I wanted to build a more scalable business.

That was when I ideated with my friends, family and the idea for RolltheDice took seed. We turn 2 years this Vijayadashami (15 October 2021), and I couldn’t have never been happier with my life’s decisions.

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