What makes one happy? I know this is a very philosophical question and the answer has been attempted by several philosophers, sages, gurus and new age experts.

However, let me reiterate the question. Is it money? Is it a position? Is it a relationship?

For me, running the business has been a very good avenue of finding happiness. The bonus is helping others who are contributing to my successes also find happiness through their work and rewards. These include my associates, vendors, customers. I have been privileged to have built special bonds with most of my vendors and quite a few customers, some of whom have become very crucial sounding boards for my crazy ideas.

An associate who has been an absolute life saver, during several instances comes from an underprivileged background. She imbibed the basic rules of all the games we are making and she single handedly became capable of guiding some of our elderly customers, even conversing in multiple languages. While she is no longer associated with us, the stint gave her a crucial break and boosted her confidence.

A vendor we’re working with is a young parent, works day time at one of Bangalore’s large sweat shops as a supervisor. Moonlights for us during the weekends, while his wife works the weekdays. Their eye for quality and thoroughness is really revealing. Which explains the relatively very low number of complaints that we get about our products. They find it so satisfying to work with us, they believe they themselves are bringing these top notch game sets to the new generations.

And so do I trudge along, in my “pursuit of happyness”, taking and building a community of passionate people along with me!

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This was originally posted on LinkedIn on December 15, 2021

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