How to expose children to the vast and diverse cultural heritage of Sanatana Bharatiya Parampara

How to expose children to the vast and diverse cultural heritage of Sanatana Bharatiya Parampara

Often, parents ponder over how to get their kids interested in learning more about Sanatana Bharatiya Parampara and providing them with the most authentic knowledge about their motherland, India. They are constantly seeking credible information that can be presented in fun and engaging ways that appeal to modern kids. To assist parents in this quest, here are some useful tips. 

  • Indian Themed dolls and toys from various handi crafts spread across India. 
  • Traditional Board games especially traditional board games like chowkabara, pagade, aadu-huli navakankari, vimanam etc
  • New generation toys and games that are specifically designed to teach about Indian culture and traditions, board games about Indian history and mythology, and puzzles featuring famous landmarks and monuments in India
  • Jig- saw puzzles with themes like Ramayana, Dashavatara  illustrations related to the culture
  • Craft kits that allow kids to create their own cultural-themed items, such as rangoli designs or paper puppets
  • Traditional musical instruments or rhythm instruments, such as tabla or dholak drums, flute, ektaari etc
  • Children's books or storybooks that feature characters or themes from the Sanatana Bharatiya Parampara, history, folklore etc
  • Indian music and dance: Introducing kids to Indian music and dance can be a fun and interactive way to teach them about the country's cultural heritagekids to cultural activities.This could be done through classes, and by simply incorporating these activities into your child's daily routine.
  • Indian-themed coloring books Coloring books that feature pictures of Indian culture, stories, folklore, various art forms such Warli art, gond, Madhubani art etc 

  • Organizing birthday parties and family functions with a touch of India's unique cultural themes.

  • Create art projects based on cultural themes, as a fun and educational activity, you can encourage your child to make one. 

  • Traidtional outdoor Indian games, such as kabaddi, kho kho, and gilli danda, which can help kids to develop social skills, physical stamina and alertness

  • Storytelling a powerful way to introduce children to Indian myths and legends. One can use dolls, puppets, or other props to bring these stories to life and help children understand and appreciate the cultural significance of these tales.

  • Field trips to architectural and historical importance places, which triggers the curiosity in children. There is famous gaade in kannada "kosha odu, desha suttu". Which is very much true. 

  • Make them involve in cultural events and festivals, such as musical programe, Dance festivals or Holi, where they can learn about Indian traditions firsthand through being audience, participation and observation.

By exposing kids to these types of toys and activities, they can learn about the rich parampara and other aspects of Indian culture in a fun and engaging way. It's important to remember to be respectful and mindful of the traditions and customs of the Santana Bharatiya Parampara when introducing them to children.

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