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Roll the Dice

Chowka Bara 9 Houses Board Game

Chowka Bara 9 Houses Board Game

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Introduce a touch of elegance to your game nights with Roll the Dice's Chowka Bara 9 House Game Set. This high-quality game set is designed to provide hours of entertainment and strategy for players of all levels. The set includes a durable mat with 9 houses, perfect for group game play. It also comes with expertly crafted pawns made by artisans from Channapatna known for their traditional lacquerware making skills.

The game set is easy to store and transport, making it perfect for game nights at home or on the go. Add a touch of class to your game nights with Roll the Dice's Chowka Bara 9 House Game Set and enjoy hours of fun with friends and family.


Chowka Bara is an exciting and engaging indoor game that is popular in India. It involves rolling cowrie shells, known as kavade, to determine the next move. This game not only tests players' patience, strategy, and critical thinking skills, but it is also a great way to bring family and friends together and create lasting memories.


    Do you know?

    In South Karnataka, players use the following phrases while playing Chowka Bara

    Use these to make the play more exciting

    itta-mane-chith” – an opponent player has to call out/shout “itta-mane-chith”  quickly when a pawn is placed in a particular square. Then the player can not revert or change her move if this is called out, else they can modify their play. Useful when player has missed using some advantageous moves.

    muttidd-kai-chith” – Opponent player has to call out/shout “muttidd-kai-chith” quickly as soon as a pawn is lifted, so that player has no other option, but to move the same pawn. The player might have lost a chance for a good move.

    moor naak shyam / moor ent shyam” – If a player throws four or eight consecutively then the opponent player can call out/shout “moor ent shyam or moor naak shyam”. If the opponent calls out first, then the numbers are nullified for the player. If a player calls out first then she can use all the 4s or 8s she has rolled.

    Ages: 10 yrs +

    Inside the box

    Red color silk mat with outer dimensions 21”x21”.
    Game blocks are embroidered with white color silk thread
    Handcrafted pawns coated in lacquer made by traditional artisans at Channapattana.
    10 x 4 color pawns – 1 cm height, 0.5cm dia. (Colors: Orange, Bright Red, Pineapple Yellow, Basil Green)
    Set of 10 white cowrie shells and 10 black cowrie shells (kavade)
    How to play instruction card
    Bright red colored Tin Box (6”x8”x2”) to help store the set.

    How to play

    A player's manual is coming soon!


    Playing Chowka Bara offers a rich blend of skill-building opportunities for children. Here are some of the key skills and capabilities that can be developed:

    Cognitive Skills:

    1. Strategic Thinking: Deciding which pawn to move and when to form a "gatti" requires planning and foresight.
    2. Problem-Solving: Navigating through opponent pawns and avoiding being "taken out" involves quick thinking and problem-solving.
    3. Mathematical Skills: Counting the number of blocks to move and understanding the values of the kavade set (cowrie shells) helps improve basic arithmetic skills.

    Social Skills:

    1. Teamwork: When played in teams, children learn the importance of collaboration and working towards a common goal.
    2. Sportsmanship: Learning to win graciously and lose with dignity are valuable life lessons.
    3. Turn-Taking: Waiting for one's turn and respecting the game's flow teaches patience and the importance of fairness.

    Emotional Skills:

    1. Emotional Regulation: Managing frustration when things don't go as planned and controlling excitement when winning helps in emotional maturity.
    2. Empathy: Understanding the opponent's strategy and predicting their moves can foster empathy and perspective-taking.

    Cultural Awareness:

    1. Cultural Appreciation: Being a traditional Indian game, it also instills a sense of cultural heritage and tradition.

    Fine Motor Skills:

    1. Hand-Eye Coordination: Rolling the kavade set and moving the pawns helps in developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

    Chowka Bara is not just a game but a comprehensive skill-building activity that offers a balanced mix of cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development opportunities for children.

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